Lauris Online
Problems and Solutions

The Problem: Paper Management

Between industry regulations and accountability practices, your company is responsible for managing vast amounts of paperwork that must be filled out by hand and tracked manually. This constantly growing paper trail leaves your organization vulnerable to files that could become lost, misplaced, destroyed, or unsecured.

The Answer

Lauris Online eliminates your dependence on paper documentation. The system's online forms are customizable to look exactly like the forms that your clinicians already use. By converting your paper forms to Electronic Health Records (EHR) format, we can automate nearly all of the manual processes that are associated with your massive paper flow while retaining the integrity of your current record-keeping system.

The Problem: Billing Leakage

Counseling agencies have costly "billing leakage" problems due to their inability to accurately track payor authorizations that are required in order to service clients. A significant reduction in Medicaid paybacks and modified rate gaps will greately increase revenues.

The Answer

Lauris Online has a full line of authorization entry and tracking tools. From pre-auth requests to re-auth approvals, each authorization for every client is tracked in the system (where applicable). Whether your organization is currently under-billing clients or over-extending approvals, this system can completely put a stop to your authorization tracking inaccuracies.

The Problem: Approval Chains

In the current paper-based world, the responsibility of handling approvals is somewhat overwhelming because individuals literally get weighed down by stacks of paper that must be physically moved from person to person. If just one person holds up the process, paperwork gets stuck on a desk and creates a bottle-neck of approvals.

The Answer

We give you one source to automate your workflows and manage all aspects of treating your clients from start to finish. Lauris Online assumes the load by truly housing your organization's documentation and providing multiple ways to set up approval processes. One of the first noticeable benefits of using this system is the sense of immediacy created by electronically submitting and reviewing forms. Even hefty workloads can be tackled in manageable, convenient pockets of time.

The Problem: Accessibility of critical files

Service providers are never truly off the clock. After-hours emergencies that call for access to valuable information should always take priority over details such as worrying about how to get to the office to get the files, and who has the keys. Precious time is spent working around the physical limitations of traditional patient files.

The Answer

Save valuable response time with secure EHR access to any patient record. One easy-to-access portal gives service providers the capability of immediately viewing and disseminating accurate information regarding medication, emergency contacts, living situation, and a host of other facts on record.

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